Don’t get lost in the GTA!

on 09/17/2013 - 12:07 pm

Getting used to the bus routes or the streetcar and subway service is not rocket science. The basic things you need to know about the public transport in the GTA is this:


  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) - is responsible for providing public transit in the City of Torontowith 4 subway lines, 11 streetcar routes and more than 140 bus routes.  The cost of a ride on the TTC is of $2 for students and $3 for post-secondary students (be sure to get your student photo ID from sherbourne station).  If you don’t like to carry coins in your pocket, the TTC has different passes that you can purchase for a day, a week and even for the whole month; sometimes these passes can save you money.  Visit the TTC web site for the complete information: 
  • Mississauga Transit (MiWay) - is responsible for providing public transit in the city of Mississaugawith local, express and school bus routes.  The cost of a ride is of $3.25 but you can also buy tickets in advance or weekly and monthly passes that can save you money and in that way you don’t need to carry cash in your pocket.  You can also buy the PRESTO pass that will save you $1 on every trip.  Everything you need to know about MiWay here:
  • Brampton Transit - is responsible for providing public transit in the city of Brampton with bus routes, accessible routes and special iRide school routes that provide increased service during the school year. The cost of a ride is of $2.50 for students and $2.75 for College and University students.  You can also get weekly or monthly PRESTO passes that will save you money and you can avoid carrying coins in your pocket.  To see the complete information go to their web site here:
  • Go Transit - is the regional public transit service for the GTHA with bus and train routes extending to communities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  The fares depend on the distance you travel.  Students need to show their student ID when purchasing their tickets and post-secondary students need to get the Go student ID.  The information on how to get the ID and about all the routes of the Go trains and the GO buses can be found here:

All these information might look overwhelming but don’t worry, it's just a matter of a couple of weeks to become an expert in the public transport.  Just don’t forget to get the student ID and to download the apps on your smart phone so you can check the routes and the schedules while you are on the go.

Enjoy your travel in Toronto!