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CIC Citizenship Reformed!

on 02/10/2014 - 01:24 pm

Reinforcing the value of Canadian citizenship while continuing to move toward a faster and more efficient system
Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander unveiled the first comprehensive reforms to the Citizenship Act since 1977. Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, will protect the value of Canadian citizenship for those who have it while creating a faster and more efficient process for those applying to get it.
Key Changes

Permanent residents would have to maintain a "physical presence" in Canada for four years within six years before applying for citizenship. That would include spending a minim ...


on 01/20/2014 - 04:32 pm

Immigration has, historically, had a positive impact on the Canadian economy, in terms of job creation, improved labour-force turnover and economic growth that has helped to sustain social programs for Canadians. Immigration also contributes to the diversity of cultures, traditions and languages that form the social fabric of our society. This paper examines federal and provincial immigration policy and explores some important issues relating to the process of admission of immigrants to Canada. It also analyzes areas where changes are needed to maximize the benefits from immigration to the Canadian economy faced with the challenges of aging population and changing labour market conditions. T ...

Canada accepting 5,000 parent, grandparent sponsorship applications

on 01/20/2014 - 03:51 pm

Canadian citizens and permanent residents wishing to sponsor foreign parents or grandparents under a special immigration program can do so beginning today.

The federal government is reopening the door slightly by accepting 5,000 sponsorship applications under the new Parent and Grandparent Program in 2014.

The government froze applications in 2011, to deal with the massive backlog of wait times of eight years.

The sponsor of relatives hoping to immigrate to Canada must now meet new criteria to be eligible to apply, including:

Meeting an increase of 30 per cent in the minimum necessary income for sponsoring relatives. For instance, a fa ...