My Magic 5 Steps For Better Me

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Our lives are divine choice of nature!! 

Hi Ladies, with growing responsibilities and our daily chores, we always feel – yes I need more energy, more time, more time to take care of myself. Unfortunately, we have everything – except time for ourselves. Our role as a caregiver for our near and dear ones depend on how we care for their needs but there is someone we often forget. Yes, it is me, myself. 



How much and what all I need?


My Magic 5 Steps for Better Me:


Eat well:                                                                                             

Eat what you would want your loved one to have.

Naturally, great healthy food, with proper nutrition – protein, calcium, carb and dont forget the taste. Eat what  tastes the best for your taste buds. This will keep your energy  and emotional level balanced.

Don’t Forget: You are your first love


My Time for Myself:                                                                        

Every week, once at least do spend some time doing things that you love to do. I have seen woman at the gym, its good but usually they seem cautious of the time as I am sure the gym is also a daily or weekly chore for them. Please go to gym for your time – physically mentally and spiritually. Spending long hours at the gym, with a fear of not to fall sick or to please the world, will do nothing than adding more tasks to our overburdened life.  Let’s take up fun things like dance, aerobics or daily walks that not only help us get oxygen into our lungs and give us time to think or meditate. 

Let’s love our work:                                                                               

“I love my job”, this might sound like a dream never meant to come true. Our role as a mother, employee, a friend, as a care giver is what makes us identify us in the world. Then why deny the privilege, or burden ourselves  with frustration. Let’s take up a job we love to do. The work place, where we spend 6 to 8 hours a day should always be fun to work at. A consistent effort to pursue our passion job will do wonders. Constantly doing what everyone else expects from us, surely will lead to all trouble and chaos in our lives both inward and outward. 

Time with Friends:                                                                              

Spend some time with your friends, and also building good relationships. Maybe you would enjoy just a couple of hours with friends, catching up over lunch. The idea is to take time to relax and enjoy the company of others now and then. Adult conversation does wonders for us, both informative and as said, sharing is caring. Let’s go out for dinner or lunch and let someone else serve you. It is good for our soul.

Of course your first love deserves this treat lol!!

My Spiritual Time:                                                                                 

One of the most important ways to care for ourselves is to tend to our spiritual health. Meditate in any form, once a day will not only bring peace of mind and keep us connected to our 'higher self' but will keep us calm and younger. Researchers have found that those who spend spiritual time for few minutes on a regular basis, and belief in a spiritual power, help us escape from the burdens of things that we couldn’t achieve or the unhealthy competition of the world; we live in a never ending race. Our spirituality gives us a direction towards our complete being as who we are and how to celebrate ourselves, rather than dwell in the gloom. Remember, caring for our soul is prime important as we live with ourselves first. Let’s relieve ourselves from the mental and emotional prison we created for ourselves.


Do What Pleases You The Most: Work What You Enjoy The Most: Eat What Tastes You The Best: Dress What Looks The Best On You.

OMG: Life is so beautiful!!


 Tanseer Iqbal : Co- Founder – My Fem World Inc