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From the moment we rise in the morning to the moment we finally rest our minds at night, there is one that makes our life revolve around it, its time. Its the thing that makes kids cheer informing them that school is done for the day, the sigh a factory worker expresses when he knows his shift isn't done, the frustration a teenager feels when her curfew time is up and she has to go home, the relief to our mind when we see we have 10 more minutes of precious sleep before the clock strikes 7 to rush to work. It’s the precious thing that makes or ruins a person's day!


The instinct to rebel against system, the urge to be different and be revolutionary is something brought on to us by our ancestors. Time is important. It’s what runs this fast paced world, but every bit in us refuses to accept the fact to amuse ourselves for a little moment of disbelief when we see the line "We are all slaves of time". No. We aren't, but like how globalization and industrial revolution took its course in shaping the society and set its own rules in how the society is to be run, same is what time has done to us.


The importance of time can never be ignored and as the number of tasks that we do in a day is increasingly persistent, time management is becoming more a need than ever before. Despite the fact that growth of technology has led to faster completion of tasks, we are forced to continually increase the pace. Life is always in our control and to be good at something would never mean committing to be its slave, but to be able to regulate your tasks and control the pace of your life at your own will, below are some benefits of learning time management  


  1. Decreases stress levels: If only de-stressing drugs would be as much of a cure as they claims to be! Well I guess, it’s only as effective as it needs to be. Stress due to not having enough time to finish our tasks is something all of us have experienced. Being so overwhelmed with work and priorities is damaging and has long term health effects. Once we allot a time and plan, we can either complete the task or at least not overwhelm ourselves with less time and more tasks.


  1. Boasts your energy & productivity: Every one of us hopes to excel and to grow. We have our excuses about not having adequate time. All we need is to know the efficient way of managing our time. The main idea is to put yourself under more pressure to try and do more, but to utilize your time wisely.


  1. Relax & enjoy: Once an assignment submitted on time, trust me the pleasure and relaxation in hanging out with friends or watching your favorite movie becomes bliss. Let’s all be honest! If an assignment is due midnight 12.00 and we are still out with friends, the pinch of not having completed the assignment will ruin all your evening.


  1. Chatter free life: So many of us carry toxins in body & life. The incomplete tasks & procrastination get accumulated into heap of mass in our lives. Its human tendency once a task is set with a time limit, our urge to complete the task will drive us to move ahead with it. This time will clear the mess of incompleteness.


  1. Enjoy personal time: Proper time management really gives us more free time in bonus. To add to it is the clarity of mind and pre planning makes life less complicated.


Give it a try, time is always a better to have friend than foe!