Interesting Facts about Canada


20 Interesting facts about Canada


  • Canada– the second largest country in the world spread across six time zones, it’s huge!


  • Highest number of lakes in the world, more than all other countries combined


  • Canada has the longest Coastline, larger than any other country in the world


  • Almost one third of the land in Canada is covered with forest


  • One fifth of the world’s fresh water is in Canada!


  • 62% of the world’s polar bear live in Canada


  • License plates in Nunavat and other Northwest territories are shaped like polar bears


  • Canadais the home to the longest street in the world,Yonge Street in Ontario (2000 Kilometers).


  • Canada is home to about 55,000 different species of insects


  • The CN Tower in Toronto was the world’s tallest free-standing structure until it was eclipsed in 2007.


  • Canada holds the record for the most gold medals ever won at the Winter Olympics


  • Canada is the second largest producer of hydroelectricity in the world (afterChina).


  • All Canadian have free access to health care with the exception of dental services


  • 81% of Canadians live in cities


  • 10 Canadians have won a Nobel Prize


  • The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -63C or -81.4F on February 3, 1957 in Snag,Yukon.


  • The Canadian motto, A Mari Usque ad Mare, means "From sea to sea”.


  • The official languages of Canada are English and French. Throughout Canada's history up to the current time, there have been conflicts between English and French-speaking Canadians.


  • The regent of England, currently Queen Elizabeth II, is the Canadian head of state.


  • The border between Canada and the United States is officially known as the International Boundary. At 5,525 miles, including 1,538 miles betweenCanada and Alaska, it is the world's longest border between two nations.